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Learning English – It is no secret that English is the main language in the world. Many want to learn it, but for many different reasons, some get stuck somewhere in the middle. Maybe they don’t have the time, the discipline, or sometimes, the resources needed to take a language course. 
Despite the difficulties, now is the best time to learn. 
Here are some ideas to make English learning fun
Learning guide
Srishti is a wonderful learning guide with original content and exciting way to learn English at your convenience. The structure of the courses are planned to stick to a disciplined study-plan or building your own study-plan
Study partners
Every aspect in life, be it travelling or watching a movie or eating out is always fun with study partner. A study partner helps in correcting mistakes and help build excellent conversations to practice with.
Read books in English
You can download books that are free in the Internet and build on your vocabulary, expressions, grammar structures and much more
Set realistic goals
Learning a language takes a lot of time and effort. Do not throw the towel after couple of months and setting realistic goals is a key element to success. Goals such as “learning 10 new words a week”, “using 2 new verbs everyday while talking to others”, “memorising 1 irregular verb a day” and so on. 
Enjoy yourself
Learning English is not traumatic as others make it to be. With Srishti we make it fun to learn and make you fluent and confident in English language. 
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