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IELTS Academic Writing – Task-2 Sample

This post details IELTS Academic Writing Task-2 in detail. Many students flounder when it comes to writing and especially IELTS Academic Writing Task-2 they are clueless on how to approach the test and score well. 

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in IELTS Academic Writing Task-2 poses innumerable challenges such as word count management, proper grammar, coverage of the topic, structure of the type of essay in the question.

Here, we focus upon demystifying few of the challenges and provide you a sample to read and familiarise on how to score good in IELTS Academic Writing. For finer nuances and techniques you should consider enrolling for Srishti's IELTS course

Key Feature

Assessment criteria

Task response

  • address all parts of the task

  • present a well-developed response to the question with relevant and extended supporting-ideas

Coherence and cohesion

  • sequence information and ideas in a logical and continual way

  • manage the cohesion aspects well

  • usage of paragraphing techniques

Lexical resources

  • Using wide-range of vocabulary resources correctly to convey precise meanings

  • Avoiding inaccuracies in lexical items such as collocation and word choices

  • spelling-error free word formation

Grammar range and accuracy

  • use a wide range of structures

  • sentence formation should be error-free

Key inputs to analyse

Let us take a few moments to analyse the topic and understand the type of essay as well as the ideas that will be needed to be expanded

  • First of all, this is called a ‘taking a stand’ type of essay
  • You should first decide whether you are agreeing if international sporting events highlight hosting nation’s capabilities or not
  • Should you agree, you should jot down ideas to support it or should you decide to disagree, you should note down the points you are going to disagree

The opening

Students often struggle upon ‘how to start’ writing these. That is where the following tips help in building your first paragraph

  • You should state your stand on the topic upfront. 
  • Apart from that, you can paraphrase the topic and bring the key points that you have jotted down as detailed in the Key inputs to analyse section above

The Model Answer

Having collected all the inputs and an broad idea about the opening paragraph, we will now look at the model answer for this IELTS Academic Writing Task-2 question

International events such as the Olympics, the World Cup, Asian Games, and other such events are incredible opportunities for not just the hosting country but also, for the participating countries. These global spectacles provide a country with an economic windfall or expose it to a public relations disaster. I strongly agree to the view that international events depicts the qualities of hosting nation. 

First of all, hosting such global events brings with it the attention of global media that helps in promoting the hosting nations’ capabilities. The pitfall of it includes negative coverage, such as controversial news from those country which otherwise would have been ignored. For example, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, not only brought media spotlight on the participants but also highlighted the polemic legislation regarding homosexuality. Therefore, apart from the international recognition, the country also faced backlash.

Secondly, the expense of building large infrastructures necessary to hold these events can, at times, supersede the benefits, unless there are adequate plans of using those after the event. This is largely due to the fact that stadiums, Olympic parks, games village etcetra., requires a large capital expenditure, invariably from the respective government and their public sector undertakings. This helps these public sectors to gain global visibility.

In the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002, the council commissioned a stadium for athletic events which was later adapted and sold to a pre-eminent football club, Manchester City. With proper, economic management of such buildings and facilities the cost can be recovered.

To conclude, I agree that a host city or nation has a lot to gain from these events yet, at the same time, ensure proper economic model for the usage of such infrastructure, thus built, for continued economic viability. 

  • Word Count

    Word count in perfect range. Neither too little nor too many words

  • Word Usage

    Good vocabulary range, no repetition of words and appropriate words used to describe the overall sense of the charts

  • Coverage

    Both the charts covered has been covered with the relation between the charts explained in detail

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