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IELTS Vocabulary for Academic

Succcess in IELTS exam requires updation and skills on various aspects of English language. One of the most important of them is vocabulary. IELTS Vocabulary for Academic is a simple and interactive way to learn words and also . You need to know a few of the important tips for IELTS exam day for qualify your test at best. Here are some tips for IELTS exam day for successful attempt.

When we speak about the IELTS Test, many of the aspirants say they are preparing for the IELTS Exam and that you may find it difficult to pass this exam. It is because they have heard this from other aspirants who have not prepared for the IELTS Exam Day. With Srishti,
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including IELTS Exam Day tips are ingrained that 98+% of students pass this exam with relative ease.

Remember, Srishti's IELTS Preparation course is not just about IELTS exam, but also improving your English language skills

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Vocabulary for Languages

When it comes to to learning English, students spend hours together working through workbooks, doing grammar exercises and even watch Videos in their target language. Many, do not realise that working on vocabulary is just as important. 

Vocabulary is important because it is the basis of all languages. It is the raw building block that we can use to express our ideas and thoughts and share information as well as understand others to build relationships.

IELTS Vocabulary for Academic

IELTS Vocabulary for Academic plays a key role for your success in IELTS. If you are preparing for IELTS, you should treat IELTS Vocabulary for Academic as your ‘best friend’. You may be aware that IELTS test has 4 modules

  1. IELTS Listening
  2. IELTS Reading
  3. IELTS Writing
  4. IELTS Speaking

The reason you should work hard on your vocabulary is the amount of weightage give to IELTS Vocabulary in the IELTS test. IELTS Vocabulary for Academic constitutes 25% of your marks in Speaking & Writing modules and helps a lot in Reading & Listening tests. 

With IELTS Vocabulary for Academic, it makes it easier to get correct answers and having a wide range of vocabulary helps you to not only understand the question, but also locate the answers through skimming and scanning, with the help of synonyms and connect the contexts better.

Srishti's IELTS Vocabulary for Academic

It is precisely for this reason that Srishti offers a free pre-assessment to evaluate your vocabulary even before you start the course. 

Srishti’s IELTS Vocabulary for Academic is beefed-up across the course through

  • Focus on IELTS Vocabulary for Academic in every Writing assessment
  • A detailed IELTS Vocabulary for Academic for every IELTS Reading passage that you will be attempting as a part of our course
  • Free IELTS Vocabulary for Academic building in a fun and gamified way through puzzles

Vocabulary vs Meaning

Meaning of an English word can be easily got from a dictionary. Does that mean that if you memorise of know few hundred words from the dictionary, is your vocabulary is good? 

Not at all. Vocabulary is very different from meaning of the word. Of course, meaning constitutes one part of the vocabulary but extends to include

  • the sequence of words before and/or after that word
  • the way the word is defined even in a dictionary
  • it may be a set of phrases and sequence of alphabets that the word has to follow/ used every time it is used

Check the IELTS materials from Srishti

Apart from your course materials, Srishti provides few great resources that will also be mentioned during your study schedule. These are free access and is highly recommended for your success in building towards your IELTS Vocabulary for Academic

Srishti IELTS Prep

This section is for providing you the resources to look for if you have read-on till here

  • Build a structured study-plan
  • Choose the right online resources that suits your style. Note: These resources do not know your requirement or your skills and neither do they assure your success in IELTS exam
  • IELTS preparation through free resources can take you into circles – one suggesting vocabulary another suggesting grammar yet another requiring you to start from English language basics. They all lack expert feedback that provides you the areas of weaknesses to improve for your IELTS target score ambition

Explore the IELTS preparation course from experts

It is very important to seek experts’ feedbacks for your practices. Courses such as Srishti’s IELTS course provides you 1-to-1 training and brings about a structured approach for your IELTS Exam preparations 

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