Latest IELTS Writing Task-2

This is on the latest IELTS Writing question that appeared in the IELTS exam in India.

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in IELTS Writing Task-2 poses innumerable challenges such as word count management, proper grammar, coverage of the topic, structure of the type of essay in the question. This latest IELTS Writing question is detailed with a sample for making it easy for students to approach this part of the exam

Here, we focus upon demystifying few of the challenges and provide you a sample to read and familiarise on how to score good in IELTS Academic Writing. For finer nuances and techniques you should consider enrolling for Srishti's IELTS course. Be sure to check our free resources at the end of this post

Tips for preparing for your latest IELTS Writing challenge

Tips for IELTS Writing Task-2

In this task, you may be asked to write an essay. The essay topic varies but the important aspect is to identify the type of the essay question and try sticking to a structure for it. While the overall structure of 5 paragraphs need to followed irrespective of the essay type, analysing the topic and respond appropriately is vital. 

Let us look at the assessment criteria for IELTS Writing Task-2 along with a sample question on the latest IELTS Writing question that appeared in the IELTS exam in India. This model answer to the latest IELTS Writing question will help you to build towards your goal of scoring high in IELTS test.

Key Feature

Assessment criteria

Task response

  • address all parts of the task

  • present a well-developed response to the question with relevant and extended supporting-ideas

Coherence and cohesion

  • sequence information and ideas in a logical and continual way

  • manage the cohesion aspects well

  • usage of paragraphing techniques

Lexical resources

  • Using wide-range of vocabulary resources correctly to convey precise meanings

  • Avoiding inaccuracies in lexical items such as collocation and word choices

  • spelling-error free word formation

Grammar range and accuracy

  • use a wide range of structures

  • sentence formation should be error-free

Having seen the various assessment criteria that you will be scored for, let us look at a sample. Do not just read the sample response but you should analyse and relate it to the assessment criteria detailed above

More and more people today are moving away from where their friends and family live. 

Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Write at least 250 words with examples and supporting ideas.

Key inputs to analyse

Let us take a few moments to analyse the topic and understand the type of essay as well as the ideas that will be needed to be expanded

  • First of all, this is called a ‘taking a stand’ type of essay
  • You should first decide whether you are agreeing if international sporting events highlight hosting nation’s capabilities or not
  • Should you agree, you should jot down ideas to support it or should you decide to disagree, you should note down the points you are going to disagree

The opening

Students often struggle upon ‘how to start’ writing these. That is where the following tips help in building your first paragraph

  • You should state your stand on the topic upfront. 
  • Apart from that, you can paraphrase the topic and bring the key points that you have jotted down as detailed in the Key inputs to analyse section above

The Model Answer

Having collected all the inputs and an broad idea about the opening paragraph, we will now look at the model answer for this Latest IELTS Writing Task-2 question

Some people’s opinion that, there is an increasing tendency for individuals to move away from where their friends and family live is a decidedly negative phenomenon. In my opinion, the perceived downsides related to social disintegration are overstated and do not supersede the benefits for individuals.

On the one hand, living away from friends and family weakens social bonds. An individual living together with their family or a close group of friends will naturally spend time with them talking, preparing meals, partaking housework, and generally being together. Strong bonds develop and the inverse is true as time apart typically leads to more tenuous emotional connections. For instance, a person who moves to a new country after university is likely to make new friends and may stay in touch with former connections as a formality. Over time, this person might feel lonely and struggle to maintain long-term relationships.

On the other hand, moving is often a catalyst for individual growth. Someone, who moves to a new country for work or study is likely to encounter people from different social and cultural backgrounds with a greater number of viewpoints and experiences than their former friends and family. Interacting with diversified set of people can lead to a broader range of interests and a keener understanding of other cultures. Moreover, many individuals leave their hometowns in order to escape toxic situations.

Families can be controlling and limiting, either intentionally or unintentionally, and moving to a new location allows a person to choose their friends, break old patterns of behaviour and achieve better mental health.

In conclusion, despite the threat of weakened familial and friendship bonds, there are significant benefits for the individual that make this trend positive. A balance is needed but this change is not inherently objectionable.

  • Word Count

    Word count in good range (294 words). A little on the higher side, but as the points are well presented, should not be a negative impact on your score

  • Word Usage

    Good vocabulary range, no repetition of words and appropriate words used to describe the overall sense of the charts

  • Coverage

    Both the charts covered has been covered with the relation between the charts explained in detail

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