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Srishti for Online IELTS Test preparation

A well curated and structured course for Online IELTS Test Preparation should provide benefits to the students. With this aim in mind, let us look at the benefits that Srishti’s course will provide

Free resources

Readying for IELTS Test should be trouble-free and affordable. Not just these motto drives Srishti but provides a wide-range of free IELTS preparation materials be it practice question papers, guides, blogs 


We provide you free counselling that suits your requirement and need for IELTS Test preparation needs, be it for academic needs or immigration needs so that you have clarity on the target on the IELTS Test scores you will need to secure to meet your objectives. 

Fun and regular activities

Srishti Online IELTS Test preparation is the only platform to provide you fun based and regular learning activities aiding towards your skill improvement and IELTS Test success. We will be in touch with periodic updates, puzzles to solve on a frequent basis through newsletters that makes IELTS Test preparation fun and a regular learning rhythm

Access to best and experienced trainers

Srishti’s IELTS Test Preparation helps you to interact 1-to-1 with the best and experienced trainers who have successfully trained over 5000 students for IELTS success

This course is designed with an aim to make you succeed in your first IELTS attempt saving you time and money

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Choice of course duration

You can enrol to Srishti’s Online IELTS Test Preparation course either in

  • Regular duration – for the well-planned learners who are busy with other aspects and prefer to master IELTS preparation to suit their needs of longer turn-around time for their practices
  • Fast-track – for learners who are wanting to succeed in IELTS Test in a short-duration to suit their requirements of university admission or other reasons

Convenience of schedule

This course is 1-to-1 which means that each learner has an individual trainer. Our trainers engage with every learner individually and assist in identifying weaker and stronger areas yet at the same time help build schedule that suits every learners’ need

Quality content

Srishti’s constant research on IELTS content ensures that every learner is provided high quality content, assessment and feedback during the course. 

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