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Meaning: certain to happen, unavoidable.

Usage: By the morning, he had accepted the inevitable 

Synonyms: unavoidable, inescapable

Meaning: making or intended to make a profit

Usage: The  commercial agreement between the developer and civic authority was signed yesterday

Synonyms: trade, trading, business, private enterprise, mercantile, merchant

Meaning: still in progress

Usage: The  ongoing negotiations has rather prolonged too long.

Synonyms: in progress, under way, going on, continuing, happening, occuring

Meaning: Turned the other way round or up or inside out

Usage: The dominant display of skills by Germany were reversed by Indians after the goal by their lead scorer

Synonyms: back, back-pedal, alter, change

Meaning: Showing a great deal of variety; very different

Usage: In this course, you will be learning subjects as  diverse as architecture, science, language teaching and physical science

Synonyms: various, sundry, manifold, multiple, varied

Meaning: Designed for people to live in 

Usage: The upcoming smart city will include residential and world-class health care, sports and educational facilities

Synonyms: domestic, familial, household

Meaning: Suitable or proper in the circumstances

Usage: The student brought up the learning issues during the welcome party for which the rector replied “this isn’t the appropriate time or place.

Synonyms: suitable, proper, fitting, apt, relevant, connected, pertinent

Meaning: Included in or planned according to a specific time period

Usage: As per the scheduled programme for today, the chairman will address the stakeholders at 5pm

Synonyms: arrange, organise, plan, programme, timetable

Meaning: Relating to finance

Usage: The company’s board of directors unanimously agreed to appoint an independent financial adviser

Synonyms: monetary, money, economic, pecuniary, banking, commercial

Meaning: Relating or pertaining to a particular area or neighbourhood 

Usage: The research paper details the local civic issues faced in the western suburb

Synonyms: community, district, neighbourhood, regional

Meaning: Not enough

Usage: There was insufficient evidence to convict the accused

Synonyms: inadequate, deficient

Meaning: Make partial or minor changes to (something)

Usage: The proposals were unacceptable to the citizens and were only accepted in a modified form

Synonyms: alter, change, adjust, adapt

Meaning: Coming before something in order, position or time.

Usage: The details of the human body have been explained in the preceding pages of this book

Synonyms: foregoing, previous, prior, former, precursory, earlier

Meaning: Reasonably priced; inexpensive

Usage: The Indian government passed a law that every new residential construction should have 20% of overall cost should be towards affordable homes

Synonyms: budget, cheap, rock-bottom

Meaning: Support or actively encourage (something or person) 

Usage: She was promoted to General Manager

Synonyms: encourage, further, advance, assist, aid, help

Meaning: Intensify, increase or further improve the quality, value or extent of

Usage: The people’s refusal to accept a flawed design  enhanced their reputation 

Synonyms: increase, add to, intensify, magnify, amplify, inflate, strengthen

Meaning: Relating or denoting a metropolis or large city

Usage: The metropolitan area of the city was reduced to efficiently administer and manage civic amenities

Synonyms: urban, cosmopolitan, urbane

Meaning: That has been forbidden, banned

Usage: The convict had deliberately fed prohibited material to the herd resulting in serious health issues in them.

Synonyms: forbid, ban, bar, interdict, veto, proscribe, embargo, disallow

Meaning: Control or maintain the rate or speed so that is operates properly

Usage: The release of water from the dam was regulated so that water was available for 6 months of the year

Synonyms: control, adjust, manage, balance, set, synchronise, modulate

Meaning: Publicly acknowledge a contributor’s role in the production of (something published or broadcast)

Usage: The screenplay is credited to one Indian and two Japanese playwrights

Synonyms: ascribe, attributed, assigned, accredit

Meaning: In relating to, or characteristic of a town or city

Usage: The increase in urban population, constantly puts stress on the resources of rural areas.

Synonyms: built-up, city, inner-city

Meaning: Bring-back; re-establish

Usage: The order was eventually restored by the specialised police force trained to handle riots.

Synonyms: reinstate, put back, replace, reinstitute

Meaning: Filled beyond what is comfortable, safe or desirable

Usage: The Covid-19 strain of coronavirus is an infectious disease that can spread faster in overcrowded cities

Synonyms: overfull, overflowing, cram-full, jammed, packed like sardines

Meaning: Relating to or characterised by industry; very great in extent or amount

Usage: The Russian government introduced exorbitant tax rates that we are seeing tax avoidance cases on an industrial scale

Synonyms: manufacturing, factory

Meaning: Bring the different elements of (a complex activity or organization) into a harmonious or efficient relationship

Usage: His collection of antiques was unrivalled and  coordinated, as if he had meandered through history to choose them

Synonyms: harmonise, correlate, interrelate, synchonise

Meaning: A squalid and overcrowded urban street inhabited by very poor people

Usage: He grew up in the slums of New York

Synonyms: hovel, ghetto, shanty town, bustee

Meaning: Produce or create

Usage: Her latest movie generated a lot of excitement amongst the panel of judges

Synonyms: cause, give rise to, bring about

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