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Meaning: A declaration intended to give confidence

Usage: We were given an assurance that work will begin next week

Synonyms: guarantee, promise, pledge, commitment affirm

Meaning: Something distributed over a large area or people

Usage: There was a widespread support for affirmative action against the offender

Synonyms: extensive, common, general

Meaning: The process of distinguishing between two or more things or people

Usage: The product packaging has been a major differentiation in the market

Synonyms: distinction, disparity, contrast, polarity

Meaning: Necessary to  make (something) complete

Usage: Physical activities are an integral part of most of the schools

Synonyms: essential, fundamental, basic, requisite

Meaning: A part of a whole thing

Usage: A large portion of company’s profits is invested back into Research and Development

Synonyms: part, bit, slice, fragment

Meaning: a distinct stage in a series of events or a process

Usage: We could not bear the final phases of the movie that we walked out before the climax

Synonyms:stage, period, episode, chapter

Meaning: to take an action that makes something less likely to happen or discourage someone from doing something

Usage: Recording the meeting may inhibit the attendees from expressing their real views

Synonyms: impede, hinder, obstruct, retard

Meaning: succeed in leading (someone) to do something

Usage: Music can induce a meditative state in the listener

Synonyms: persuade, convince, incite, encourage

Meaning: cause to function

Usage: The burglars fled empty-handed after triggering the alarm

Synonyms: activate, set off

Meaning: joined or fastened to something

Usage: During the journey, Ram became more attached to fellow travellers that he sent a written note to them

Synonyms: fasten, join, connect, secure

Meaning: identical in all respects, similar in position, purpose etc

Usage: The annual reports of companies have the details on the corresponding time of period for easy comparison

Synonyms: commonality, resemblance, similarity, similitude

Meaning: relating to be minimum

Usage: As per the doctor’s diagnosis, the damage to the heart was minimal

Synonyms: slightest, least, minutest, tiniest

Meaning: an instance of being injured, damage to a person’s feelings

Usage: She suffered an injury to her back which put her in a constant pain and agony

Synonyms: wound, bruise, gash

Meaning: occur at the same time

Usage: The letter of appreciation reached us to coincide with our company’s anniversary

Synonyms: tally, correspond, concur

Meaning: to occupy the same area in part or full

Usage: The Indian Cricket League season coincides with the advent of summer in India.

Synonyms: overlay

Meaning: to come to an end, to bring an activity or action to an end

Usage: It doesn’t ceases to worry me about the future career path that he would take

Synonyms: terminate, end, culminate

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