Provide an environment to suit specific requirements of the learners to adopt continuous learning and skill enablement of English language and Communication skills

Srishti platform enables personalised learning of English language that are customised to specific learner or to a group of learners within an institution or an organisation making it easy to bring a learning culture within the setup. Such learning practices also ensures that the learning objectives are not just met but exceeded and also provides for highly effective learning outcomes too. 


  • Create customised learning modules and personalised delivery for every learner
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access to content through mobile friendly interface whenever learner chooses to learn
  • Modules available in multiple accents thereby helping the learner to understand the module in both native as well as non-native way
  • Easy understanding of various pronunciation of tough words for the learner
  • Learners can also assess their skill developed in every module 
  • Value-added international level assessment including CEFR level can be accessed to enrich learner’s certification credentials
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