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Episode 1: IELTS Band 9 words

IELTS Band 9 words for your high scores

Any person learns the highest through listening. When you analyse how all of your concepts were strong during your schooling, these were due to loads of listening to the teachers lessons. 

Learning lessons took a new dimension with the advent of internet by bringing together visual, audio, pictorial ways which were classified as multi-media. These types of impactful learning brings about an easy way to learn anything anytime even from one’s own mobile devices.

Srishti’s Podcast is number of episodes across many episodes to ensure that every learning moment spent is useful and impactful to its learners. 

With the adoption of modern technology and providing various modes of learning for IELTS, Srishti continues to deliver value for its learners. This is the beginning of a Podcast Series “IELTS Band-9 words”. In this Episode (Episode-1), you will get to learn 5 words that you can practice in your everyday speaking and learning

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