Company Law Institute – Pre-Assessment

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Engramm’s Pre-Assessment for Company Law Institute participants

This PRE-ASSESSMENT is built with utmost details to ensure the participants of CLI are assessed upon their strengths on Communication skills  RELEVANT to their field of focus.

Key Instructions:

(1) The assessment is designed, keeping in mind the requirements of various teams such as Sales, Support and Editorial teams of CLI

(2) This should be copied/ downloaded or distributed. Engramm is the sole copyright owner of this content and CLI participants will be provided access as agreed upon

(3) It is recommended to complete this pre-assessment in a single sitting

Assessment aspects
Speaking Through a combination of recordable conversation on
ENGRAMM’s Learning Management System (LMS) with
deferred feedback of the recordings 
Writing Through rigorous, yet enjoyable and “field-focused” content
to relate to Law field and participants being able to express
their vocabulary and related skill-sets 
 Listening  Through a set of key audio and/or video sets to be able to
listen and also to comprehend the queries based on law subjects 
Reading Through a set of passages with simple questions
such as
ONE WORD and/or Multi-Choice 


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